Denver Fencing Center runs over 30 different classes a week.


Intermediate Classes

Intermediate level classes are for fencers who have already completed the beginner level classes, or who have previous fencing experience. Instructors will expose students to proper technique, tactics and strategy, and introduce competitive situations. Intermediate level fencers should be comfortable getting suited up and using fencing equipment on their own.

Competitive Classes

Oriented toward fencers who are actively competing, Competitive classes offer fencers the opportunity to improve strength, tactics, and technique. Classes will feature drills that focus on a variety of topics, including conditioning, bout strategy, and fencing skills. Competitive level fencers typically have their own equipment. 


The cost to drop in for a class is $35.

Fencers who attend one 60-minute class per week need a Bronze membership, which is $90 per month. This membership does not include any open fencing!

Fencers who wish to attend multiple classes and/or open fencing will need a Silver membership, which is $140 per month.

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