Little Fencers Enrichment

Denver Fencing Center (DFC) is excited to bring our hour-long Little Fencers class to elementary schools around the metro Denver area. Students in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade will develop agility, strength, and fine muscle control through fencing games and drills. Our classes focus on teaching fencing basics in a fun, non-competitive environment.

Instructors will provide all the necesary equipment for your little fencer. Our children's equipment is made out of a durable, lightweight plastic to keep kids safe without making them too tired. Fencers are futher equipped with a fencing jacket and a glove to keep them fully protected.

For futher information, please call us at 303-922-7288 or contact your school's enrichment coordinator.

Little Fencers are tuckered out after a long class!

Little Fencers learn to lunge!

2018-2019 Enrichment Offerings

Location Days offered
Cory Elementary Mondays
Graland Country Day School Mondays
University Park Elementary Mondays
Southmoor Elementary Tuesdays
Bromwell Elementary Tuesdays
Slavens Elementary * Wednesdays
Ricks Center * Thursdays
Polaris at Ebert Elementary Fridays

* Students at Slavens School and the Ricks Center will sign up directly with DFC. Please email Maggie@DenverFencingCenter to register.